3 Things To STOP Doing In 2021 For Improved Mental Wellness

New Year’s resolutions often signify all of the things we want to do in the new year: Eat a healthier diet. Exercise more. Start a new hobby. All great goals to have in mind but, now more than ever, it’s important to make your mental wellness a priority in 2021. This year as you’re making a resolution list, don’t forget to incorporate some of these mood-boosting practices that can improve your mental wellness and help you thrive in the new year.

Stop The Mindless Scroll

Social Media can be fun, distracting, and somewhat addicting. It can help you keep in touch with your friends which has been a blessing during these challenging times. However, being intentional with your use of social media is an important part of mental wellness.

Instead of using social media when you are bored, search the platforms with purpose. Social media often has a way of pulling you into a mindless scroll that can be a waste of time and energy. Sometimes headlines, opinions, and posts from your neighbor can be triggering and impact the way you feel. So, when using social media, be specific in your intentions. Whether it’s contacting a friend or checking out yournaunt’s holiday photos, be mindful as you are navigating news feeds.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Speaking of social media, part of mindful scrolling includes not comparing yourself to others. Remember that you are only seeing the ‘highlights reel’ of someone’s life on social media…not the entire story. Unrealistic standards of perfection caused by social media can have a big impact on your personal body image and self-perception. It could trigger feelings of self-doubt, insecurity, depression, and isolation making it hard to see your own beauty and strengths.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, try focusing on the good things you have in life. When we focus on other people, we lose time that we could otherwise invest in ourselves. Don’t waste time comparing yourself to others in 2021! Instead, invest your energy into creating and caring for yourself and those worth pouring into. Create your
own ‘highlights reel’ that’s rooted in gratitude and growth.

Don’t Put Yourself Last

Loving and caring for others is a wonderful part of life. However, as the new year approaches, consider making yourself a higher priority. “Caregivers and parents spend so much time pouring their time, love, and resources into others that they forget to take care of themselves,” said Dr. Flatow. “Make self-care a priority in 2021 by doing little
things each day to recharge and renew.”Go for a walk. Meditate. Start a gratitude journal. Exercise. The list of self-care ideas goes on and on. Whatever self-care looks like for you, be sure to commit in the new year. Show up for yourself to help reduce stress and prevent burnout.Whatever your resolution for 2021, remember to be kind to yourself. The past year has been challenging for so many. You can welcome the new year with a renewed sense of hope and well-being when you set positive goals.
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