Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

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TMS Therapy in California

Major depression can impact every aspect of your life. Many people struggle to function under the weight of depressive symptoms and have tried multiple treatment options without relief.

Traditional medicine often relies on finding the right mix of medication and therapy. But this approach can be time-consuming, frustrating, and ineffective for patients struggling with treatment-resistant depression.

Pacific Mind Health is here to help. We offer transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to help patients reduce symptoms and take back control of their lives.

What is TMS?

TMS is a non-invasive procedure used to treat major depression in patients who have not found relief from other treatments.

TMS delivers magnetic pulses to stimulate underactive nerve cells in the parts of the brain that control mood. Approved by the FDA, this out-patient procedure does not require surgery or significant down time to recover.

How does TMS work?

During TMS treatment, an electromagnetic coil is placed on a patient’s scalp to deliver magnetic pulses to the parts of the brain that control mood.

This stimulates underactive nerve cells and strengthens the brain’s neural network. Scientists believe this stimulation helps ease the symptoms of depression for sufferers and improves their overall mood.

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Am I a candidate for TMS?

TMS is designed for adult patients suffering from major depressive disorder and who have not found relief from other treatments. TMS is available with a prescription at our Long Beach office, where we use MagVenture TMS Therapy to administer treatment.

Schedule a consultation with Pacific Mind Health to find out if TMS is right for you. Our friendly staff can determine if your treatment is covered by insurance and help complete authorization paperwork.

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How Long Does TMS Take?

Pacific Mind Health offers express and standard TMS sessions. We specialize in Theta-Burst Stimulation TMS, a revolutionary 3-minute treatment that can produce results in up to three weeks. We also offer a traditional six-week course of treatment, with sessions lasting about 20 minutes. Both treatment options are administered in our offices five days a week.

What Does TMS Feel Like?

During treatment, you may hear a clicking sound or feel a tapping sensation on your scalp under the electromagnetic coil. There is generally no pain associated with the treatment, although some patients might find it uncomfortable.

Patients are awake and alert during treatment and can watch television or read to pass the time. They can drive to and from sessions and continue with regular activities after treatment.

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Are There Any Side Effects With TMS?

Side effects associated with TMS are typically mild. Some patients have reported facial twitching or a tingling sensation after treatment. Others may experience a temporary headache or nausea.

In most cases, patients are able to resume daily activities right after treatment. Patients are encouraged to inform their doctor or clinician of any adverse side effects.

Is TMS Covered by My Insurance?

We’re in-network with nearly every insurance provider, and most insurance carriers provide coverage for TMS. Some of the most common insurance companies covering our patients in Long Beach, CA, include:

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Individual insurance policies may vary. Some may require pre-authorization, specific provider credentials (MD, CMA, RNP, RN), or a certain number of drag failures before TMS can be approved. Always refer to your insurer’s policy guidelines.

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Express TMS: Treatment in Just Three Minutes

We are thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking Theta Burst Stimulation (TBS,) also known as Express TMS. Unlike traditional TMS sessions that can last over 30 minutes, our new 3-minute protocol has demonstrated equal or superior efficacy.

At Pacific Mind Health, we prioritize your comfort and time. Our cutting-edge MagVenture TMS machine is one of the few capable of delivering this swift treatment, making us a leader in the field.

Compared to standard TMS, our revolutionary TBS protocol offers a faster, equally safe, and effective solution for major depressive disorder.

Conventional medications such as antidepressants work for only 60% to 70% of individuals.

A 2012 study, TMS significantly improved symptoms of depression in 58%of patients and achieved complete remission in 37%. These results offer a ray of hope, especially for those who have tried multiple treatments without success.

Your journey to recovery begins with us. Let Pacific Mind Health guide you on a path toward healing with hope, empathy, and expertise.

Discover Hope and Healing at Pacific Mind Health

If you’re facing the challenges of depression and searching for a guiding light, reach out to Pacific Mind Health. We understand the weight of your struggles and are here to offer you the compassionate support you need. Our innovative TMS treatment holds the promise of relief, providing you with the opportunity to rediscover a brighter, more hopeful tomorrow.

Embark on Your Healing Journey With Us

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Your path to wellness starts with Pacific Mind Health in Long Beach, CA. Schedule a consultation today. Call us at 310-571-5041 or complete our online consultation form.

The Results

Improvements In Symptoms

Compared to medication-only patients, TMS patients enjoyed sustained results after treatments.

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TMS Therapy

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