The Power of Self-Love During Tough Times

We’ve all been there before…

You set a goal to motivate yourself and one thing leads to the next. Your job, the kids, baseball practice, the pandemic…where does the time go?! It’s so easy to put your health and wellness on the back burner these days.

Lately, have you found yourself giving more than you take? We know that trying to balance multiple roles in this “new normal” is stressful and sometimes overwhelming. It’s so easy to forget about the importance of caring and loving yourself during these challenging times even though it’s more important than ever!

Self-love is NOT about being selfish.

It’s not about “getting what you want” or overindulging.

Self-love is not selfish… it’s a requirement.

When we are kind to ourselves , that kindness often emulates around us. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s a perfect time to focus on the power of self-love!

Here are some ways you can appreciate and take care of yourself each day to help boost your mood.

Set Healthy Boundaries

You really can’t practice self-love properly if you are constantly giving to others and running on empty. Remember that it’s OK to say ‘no’ sometimes! Learning how to politely say ‘no’ can help you preserve your time and energy. Healthy boundaries help you avoid overcommitting so you can remain healthy, refreshed, and happy!

Let Go Of Perfectionism

Give up on the dangerous idea of perfectionism especially during a global pandemic! Choose acceptance instead. Some days, good enough is enough. Embrace your imperfections because someone else may see the beauty in your flaws. Love yourself for who you are! Don’t worry about meeting anyone else’s standards. As a general rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t say it to someone else, don’t say it to yourself!

Practice Mindfulness

​Don’t let life pass you by chasing the next best thing. Live in the moment and appreciate the ups with the downs. If the past is dragging you down, let it go! A positive outlook can help you view your mistakes and obstacles are opportunities to learn and grow.

​“When we practice mindfulness, it helps calm racing thoughts by tuning into what
we’re sensing in the present moment rather than reliving the past or imagining the future”, said Dr. Flatow.

Try to find small ways to practice mindfulness each day with deep breathing, meditation, and relaxation techniques that can help you move forward in clarity.

Self-Love Means Making Your Mental Health A Priority

You wouldn’t hesitate to reach out for help if you had a heart condition or diabetes. The same should be try when it comes to your mental health. Don’t let the stigma surrounding mental health keep you from getting the help that you need to thrive!

We’re here to help you feel better! You don’t just have to ‘push through’ feelings of depression and anxiety. We believe that treating mental illness in a modern society requires innovation and compassion, flexibility and focus. Pacific Mind Health integrates evidence-based treatments into a customized health plan that optimizes mental health
outcomes. One of our goals is to minimize medication overuse and dependence.