Beat Depression By The Holidays- TMS Can Help!

Depression over the holidays is a reality for many people struggling with their mental health. For some, the emotional toll of the holiday season can intensify the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other common mental health disorders. It also doesn’t help that the ‘holiday season’ seems to be inching closer and closer to the end of summer each year adding to the stress.

​If you are one of the millions suffering from depression and struggling to find joy, it may be   tempting just to “’tough it out”’ and wait for the holidays to be over. But there is another option. TMS  Therapy can bring renewed hope and healing as we head into the holiday season. Here are a few  reasons to consider TMS Therapy before the holidays.

TMS Therapy Is Effective

Clinical studies show that TMS therapy is an effective treatment for major depressive disorder.  We know that 17% of patients respond to treatment and 14% achieve full remission. TMS therapy is a non-invasive, painless treatment. Additionally, because TMS doesn’t rely on medication,  this treatment option has a lower risk of side effects. The most common is mild headaches or scalp  discomfort—but these side effects are typically temporary and diminish within a few days of starting  treatment.

TMS Therapy Is Covered By Insurance

​Most major insurance companies cover TMS therapy, so you may only have to pay a small  copay or coinsurance for each session. Begin our convenient insurance verification process today to  find out if your insurance company covers TMS therapy. We’ll be happy to explore your insurance  benefits and answer any questions you may have about treatment.  Payment plans are also available to help with out-of-pocket expenses.

Why Start TMS Therapy Now?

TMS Therapy is  performed four to five times per week for roughly 4 to 6 weeks. We know that may  seem like an extended treatment duration, and many people are concerned about missing time from  work. However, Dr. Flatow and our team will be able to provide the necessary paperwork to ensure  you are medically excused from work during your TMS Therapy sessions.

Suppose you are looking for something faster than traditional TMS. In that case, we also offer  Express TMS Therapy which has been shown to have equal or better efficacy than traditional TMS  protocols lasting 30+ minutes. This new treatment protocol minimizes time expenditure and  discomfort.

Find Joy This Holiday Season and Beyond

Don’t let depression ruin another holiday season. Our team is here to help! TMS therapy offers  a medication-free treatment option that can help you beat depression and bring joy  back to your life all year long.

We cannot wait to wish you a happy holidays and mean it because we know that this treatment makes that possible. Contact our team today to set up our complimentary information session.