Spotlight On Small Pharmacies and Prescription Refills

Have you heard about Cost Plus Drug Company? Everyone is buzzing about how they are having better luck with prescription refills—not just with affordability but with increased access. This should be celebrated as everyone should have timely access to affordable medicines. However, sometimes it can be difficult to get a refill on time.

At Pacific Mind Health, we recognize this struggle and want to shine a light on the small pharmacies in our area that make prescription refills easier for everyone!

​Navigating the Prescription Refill Process

Navigating the process of medication refills can be tricky, especially if you’re dealing with a large pharmacy chain or mail-order service. We know that many times, patients of Pacific Mind Health experience problems when trying to get their medications filled through big-box pharmacies.

It can sometimes take days or weeks before they hear back from them after submitting a request for a refill—and that doesn’t even guarantee that the request will be approved! That’s why we recommend smaller Long Beach and Los Angeles pharmacies as alternative options for our clients.

The Benefits of Smaller Pharmacies

Small pharmacies often have better success ordering medications or processing prior authorizations and insurance coverage than larger pharmacy chains. Similar to how Cost Plus Drug Pharmacy cuts costs by cutting out the middleman, the lower overhead costs of small pharmacies allow for more patient savings. Between services like same-day delivery and automatic refill programs, many small pharmacies also help save time.

Additionally, many small pharmacies offer personalized service and can provide more individualized attention to customers than larger chains would otherwise allow. That means less hassle and fewer headaches when filling your prescription with greater confidence and ease.

Smaller Pharmacies…Easier Prescription Refills

Sometimes, when it comes to prescription refills, bigger isn’t always better!  At Pacific Mind Health, we understand this
frustration and want to help our clients ensure their prescriptions are handled.If you’re having trouble filling your scripts at big-box stores like Walgreens or CVS, consider trying one of these local pharmacies: Ward’s Pharmacy in Long Beach; Concierge Pharmacy in Torrance, CA; AHCS Specialty Care in Orange County.These businesses prioritize customer service while offering convenient delivery and competitive prices—making prescription refills as pain-free as possible!

​Learn More About These Pharmacies Local To Pacific Mind Health

Ward’s Pharmacy is a family-owned pharmacy located in Long Beach, California that has been providing personalized care and services since 1927. In addition to prescription refills and delivery options within the Long Beach area, you can access several other patient services and resources through their website, RefillRX mobile app, or by stopping by to talk to a knowledgeable team member for help with your healthcare needs.

Concierge Pharmacy is another great option for finding your prescriptions quickly and conveniently. They offer same-day service, prescription delivery, and competitive prices for various products. Their pharmacist-led team offers prior authorization services to ensure patients receive the medication needed with minimal administrative hassle.

Advantage Healthcare Services (AHCS) offers medication management and synchronization (refilling your medication regularly) across California locations. As an independent pharmacy group specializing in behavioral health, their knowledgeable pharmacists collaborate closely with providers to discuss treatment modifications as needed. They also provide counseling services to help patients understand their medications (including side effects) more clearly.

We don’t have an on-site pharmacy at Pacific Mind Health but our team is always will to help our patients navigate the prescription refill process to the best of our availability. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our team if you have questions.