Two-week prolonged exposure therapy as effective as 8-week therapy for PTSD

Clinical trial results showed that a 2-week, massed course of prolonged exposure therapy was noninferior to an 8-week spaced course among active military personnel with PTSD, and reduced severity of symptoms more than minimal-contact control.

“This study not only addresses the pressing need for an effective treatment option for PTSD but also encourages a more speedy treatment and recovery, allowing affected service members to return to active duty sooner and enabling veterans to reintegrate into civilian life more quickly,” Foa said in a press release. “Our findings are good news – about half of those treated achieved remission and many others demonstrated substantial relief from their symptoms. This is critical for the hundreds of thousands of post-9/11 combat veterans affected by PTSD and can do so much to improve lives and assist with military readiness.”

To read the complete article in Psychiatric Annals, click here.