Classes & Group Therapy

Group Calendar and Information

Format –

Groups are held on Zoom. You may enroll in any topic of interest!

Cost –

Most insurance plans cover psychotherapy groups. Non-insurance rate is $40/group. To reserve your spot, a $20 fee is due at booking. The fee will be refunded upon completion or applied to your co-payment/payment. If an additional balance is due, you will be billed following completion. For example, if you pay $20 per group as a reservation fee and your co-pay is $10, $10 will be refunded following group. If you pay $20 per group as a reservation fee and your co-pay is $30, you will be billed $10 after completion. 100% refund given with cancellation 7+ days prior, 50% refund 48hrs-7 days, $20 fee for cancellation within 48 hours. For no-show’s, the $20 is considered a no-show fee.

Anonymity and privacy –

Everyone may remain anonymous during group if desired. Group formats are classroom-like in which skills are learned except “process groups” where participants process a topic with the host and other participants. If you remain anonymous, enter your month and date of birth as your zoom name (e.g., 1002 is October 2nd).

Special Offers & Packages –

For offers and package deals, please click here.

EMDR skills –

Prior to beginning EMDR Bilateral Dual Attention Stimulation Reprocessing, clients must complete 5 EMDR resourcing skills presented over 5 groups. These can be attained in individual or group therapy and are helpful even without continuing EMDR.

DBT Skills –

DBT Skills fall under four categories: interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and core mindfulness. Each skill will be presented with a handout and DBT Diary Card in which you can track attained skills. Your diary card is your rescue kit in case you ever need skills quick! DBT Skills are great for everyone!

Questions during group –

You can ask questions any time. If anonymous, you may turn on video and/or microphone to ask or email questions during group to [email protected].