How To Get ‘Unstuck’ So You Can Move Forward In Positivity

We’ve all heard it before: “Look on the bright side or try to see the glass as half full.” But sometimes, the bright side is very hard to see and it seems like the glass has been empty for days! Perhaps you are feeling this way amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

We understand!

It’s OK to not be OK especially during these unprecedented times.

It’s been six long months and cases are still rising. Many people had hoped things would improve by this time but it’s clear we still have a long road in front of us. So, what can you do to move through these challenging times and emerge more resilient? Here are a few tips.

Let Go of Negative Thinking

The brain naturally gravitates toward negative thinking. Unfortunately, negative thoughts can be intrusive and the source of many mental health problems. When you are always thinking the worst, it’s hard to find the good in life.

One of the first steps in changing your negative thinking patterns is letting go of “black-and-white thinking.” Do you find yourself thinking that things are either a complete success or total failure? Other negative thinking habits include overgeneralization, jumping to conclusions, and catastrophizing everything.

Dr. Joshua Flatow, one of our leading providers at Pacific Mind Health, said negative thinking is normal, but it’s important to let go of those thoughts.

“Don’t ignore your thoughts and feelings. Oftentimes, the more you try to stop your negative thoughts, the more they will surface. ​Instead, process them and think about what’s really causing you to feel that way,” he said.

Accept Change

This advice couldn’t be more timely! We’ve all been asked to adapt and change over the past 6 months. Accepting circumstances that cannot be changed (the outbreak of COVID-19) can help you focus on circumstances that you can control that impact your health and happiness (wearing a mask, social distancing etc.).

Remember, you are still capable of doing great things in life even though you are facing a ‘new normal’. Change helps you grow and evolve. Some people see change as something to fear or dread, instead of something that brings new opportunities for fulfillment.

Put An End To Bad Habits

​If you want to feel better than you have to be proactive! We all have bad habits to some extent. All too often, people turn to bad habits when they lose meaning in their lives and become disinterested. You can help kick bad habits and mindless routines to the curb by finding hobbies that interest you.

Try something new! Finding a hobby is rewarding. Channel your energy into a yoga class, scrapbooking, art, woodworking, learning a new language – the possibilities are endless! Engaging in meaningful activities that help to rediscover your interests, talents, and strengths can help you move forward in positivity.

Of course, overcoming adversity in life is not easy. Some people need help on their journey. We’re here for you through the tough times. We’ll walk with you to the other side so you can find the peace and happiness you deserve in life.

Give our compassionate team a call today and learn more about our psychiatric services that can help you hit ‘reset’ so you can move forward with positivity and mental wellness.