What Are the Benefits of Spravato?

​​Spravato, a groundbreaking medication in mental health treatment, has emerged as a ray of hope for individuals grappling with the burden of depression. By merging cutting-edge technology with insights from neuroscience, Spravato embodies a leap forward in psychiatry. With its mode of operation and swift onset of relief, this medication is on the brink of changing how we approach healthcare. This blog explores the benefits of Spravato and its impact on well-being.

What is Spravato?

Spravato, or esketamine, is a medication approved by the FDA to treat adults with treatment-resistant depression. This refers to depression that has not been shown to improve through other treatment methods. Spravato is administered through a nasal spray and can only be administered at certain treatment centers under the care and supervision of a medical team. 

Spravato works by affecting the activity of natural chemicals in the brain. It blocks a protein called the NMDA receptor, which research has associated with having a role in depression.

Spravato treatment for depression usually involves twice-weekly sessions during the initial weeks of the treatment plan, and then weekly sessions. Clients must also take an antidepressant as part of their Spravato treatment plan.

The Benefits of Spravato

Swift Relief

One standout feature of Spravato is its ability to alleviate symptoms for individuals battling depression swiftly. Unlike antidepressants that can take weeks or months to show results, Spravato acts quickly, often providing relief within hours. This rapid action can be life-changing, offering a ray of light in the darkness of treatment-resistant depression.


Studies have shown the effectiveness of Spravato in treating treatment-resistant depression (TRD) in conjunction with an antidepressant medication. For individuals who have not responded to antidepressants, Spravato offers a treatment option that shows promise for symptom relief. These studies have indicated improvements in symptoms among those treated with Spravato, with many experiencing substantial symptom reduction. The effectiveness of Spravato in TRD highlights its potential to address a gap in health care and provide fresh hope for those who have struggled to find relief through other treatments.

Long-Term Advantages

Spravato also presents the possibility of long-lasting benefits. Research indicates that continued use of Spravato could lead to sustained improved depression symptoms. This is incredibly encouraging for individuals grappling with persistent depression who are in search of a treatment approach that delivers enduring relief.

Spravato Treatment and Safety

Spravato must be administered under the guidance of a healthcare provider. Like any medication, Spravato may lead to side effects, which can include feeling disconnected, dizziness, or queasiness. Through screening and careful monitoring, these side effects can be effectively managed to minimize any harm. Healthcare professionals are well-equipped to recognize individuals who might be more susceptible to more severe reactions and can make adjustments to treatment plans for enhanced safety. Administered under medical supervision with adherence to established safety measures, Spravato can serve as a productive option for individuals seeking relief from depression.

Choose Pacific Mind Health for Spravato Treatment

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